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Existing Products

Existing Products

Some of the basic structures (variations possible) that we can produce are as below.
Structure   Applications
Polyester- Metallized Polyester - Polyethylens Soap, Tea, Blades packaging
Polyester - Aluminium Foil- Polythene Confectionery and chewing gum wrapping
Polyester - Paper - Hotmelt Adhesive Toilet soap wrapper (Longer shef life and higher fragrance retention)
Polyester - Metallized Polyster Paper - Hotmelt Adhesive Toilet soap wrapper (Longer shef life and higher fragrance retention)
BOPP Film Biscuit confectionery and soap
Paper Biscuit confectionery and soap
Wax Paper Toffees and Camphor
Polyester - Polyethylene Tea and Soap
BOPP - Polyethylene Textile
Paper - Polyethylene Sugar and Tea
BOPP -CPP Biscuits and Industrial gloves
We are currently doing the following structures for some of our clients
Structure   Process   Applications
Printed PET Film + Paper + Hotmelt adhesive Solvent Based Lamination Soaps
Antifungal and Ploy Coated Stiffener Paper Extrusuion Coating Soaps
PET + Poly Solvent Based Lamination Soaps
Anti Rust + Wax Coated paper Dip Waxing Shaving Blades
Bopp Film + Opaque HS BOPP Film Solvent Based Lamination Biscuits
Printed and Wax Coated Paper Dip Waxing Candies
Foil + Wax Coated Paper Solvent less Lamination & Wax Coating Chewing Gums
Foil Paper Laminate Solvent less Lamination Cigarettes
Printed and Pearlized
Surface Printing Multiple Soads in Single Pack
Filter Tipping Paper Rotogravure Printing Cigarettes Filters
Poly Coated Papers Extrusuion Coating Tea
PET Film + METPET Film + Poly Solvent less Lamination Biscuits and Tea
PFoil Paper Laminate Wax Lamination Chewing Dums & Food

Please do inform us of your requirements and preference and we will be glad to design a product that meets your needs.


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